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Small Production Wine Delivered Direct to Your Door

The Difference - Hand Sourced Wine

I travel to Portugal discovering boutique winemakers that have never before been imported into California. Portugal, a country the size of Kentucky, has more acres of vines than California. It is home to a plethora of small family-owned farms making some of the best, undiscovered wine on the planet. I walk their vineyards, learn their stories and send the wine direct to your door.  Cutting out the middlemen gives you exclusive access to discover Portugal.    

- Rachel Farah  

How it works

From the source

I travel up and down Portugal discovering artisan small producers. 

Delivered to your door

I customize exclusive wine shipments and ship the wine to your door. 

Let's party

I help you host in-home and in-office wine tastings. 

The Portuguese Wine Life

Portuguese wine, food and travel reccomendations 

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