Wine 101

Week 1 - Pretension 

Last week I sat down with my business advisors - my best friend and boyfriend - and a bottle of wine, and hashed out Rachel Farah Selections’ mission. It was clear; cutting through the BS surrounding wine, delivering people great wines that overdeliver for price, made with integrity by real people. In a word, approachability. My advisors reminded me to address this question I needed to discuss the elephant in the room. So here it is.

Wine is often pretentious - by design. Pretension is a marketing tool.  It is used by companies to push you to buy things that are too expensive. Marketing wine as a luxury product distances you from what you are consuming. That magical veil of “tobacco and honeysuckle” strategically placed between you and your wine allows companies to sell you whatever they want.

Once you break into the magical land of Oz you realize wine is no different than other agricultural products. Much like a tomato, grapes are from the land and produced by people.  And, much like a tomato, many wines are produced with chemicals, additives and poor labor practices. So why are so many crappy wines so expensive? How do you think wineries pay for their outdoor kitchens, pools and wall to wall glass tasting rooms. Pretension pays out.

There are tons of amazing wines out there sourced and made with integrity. You just need to navigate the BS. So what can you do?  Learn the basics and trust your source.  My weekly wine 101 videos and blog posts will break it down and keep it simple ...  because  my guess is that you'd rather be drinking rose by the pool than discussing “hints of jasmine”. I know I would. - Rachel Farah 

Next week’s topic: THE DIFFERENCE. Red, white, rose. Did you know they can be made from the same grape!?

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