A Recipe Guide to Cooking with (and drinking!) Port Wine This 2020 Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. Getting together and cooking, catching up - and lots of Portuguese vinho - what could be better!  This year being what it is, I got to thinking about how I can make this an extra special 2021 Thanksgiving .... the answer ... Port! Here are a few new recipes that call for Port as an ingredient in the dish - and don't forget to sip that good stuff while you cook! Enjoy... 

Traditional with a Twist 

Try Cranberry Sauce made with Ruby Port! It’s super simple and you can make this a week in advance so the flavors meld together.

Turkey is a classic Thanksgiving staple on our table. This Roast Turkey Crown recipe from the lovely Mary Berry is fantastic. She adds port to the gravy to make it extra mouth watering.


Switch it Up

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about the meal, but we always have hors d’oeuvres out just in case the group gets a little noshy pre-meal. This recipe is simple and is a fantastic pairing of Roasted Walnuts bathed in Port Sauce and paired with Blue Stilton.

Yes, you should absolutely make this!


Check out this Watercress Salad with Braised Port Figs. Because, something green on the table is always welcomed. 

No More Turkey, Please!

Want to go over the top this year? Check out this Duck a l’Orange recipe that uses Port in the classic sauce. The orange and Port play so well together, you may just make this recipe on the regular.

Another alternative to turkey is quail. This Roasted Quail with Port-Orange Sauce recipe incorporates cornbread stuffing as well. Add some braised cabbage and there’s your Thanksgiving meal.

Desserts to Pair with Port

This SUPER easy Chocolate Lava Cake pairs excellent with Ruby Port. If you don’t have ramekins, just use a muffin tin. Seriously, it’s easier than you think and everyone will think you’re an excellent baker.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Tawny Port is super versatile and it goes amazing with this Almond Cake


I am a sucker for an espresso martini, but sometimes after a long day of cooking, the last thing i want is to be caffeinated until 3am. This recipe for the traditional Coffee Cocktail, has zero coffee in it. It subs in Ruby Port and Brandy and is a perfect before or after dinner cocktail.

Port Cocktail

The White Port cocktail is ideal for cocktail hour. It’s easy, balanced and a cozy alternative to Gin. 


Check out the Rachel Farah Port Shop for delicious Tawny, Ruby and Vintage Port from the Douro Valley. 

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