Portuguese Inspired Desserts and Port Pairings!

What is Portuguese cuisine without its sweets! Here are a few classic and Portuguese inspired desserts with port pairings. 

Pears in Port Wine. Simple, elegant and not too sweet! This dish incorporates the all time favorite dessert wine - Port - which is also a perfect pairing for this dessert dish. 

Plumb crisp. Crisp is one of my favorite desserts - sweet but not too sweet this is  perfect dessert and morning after breakfast!

Portuguese Pumpkin Roll.  Great alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie! This rolled dessert is impressive on the table. Also a great breakfast treat. 

Pasteis De Nata. A classic - need I say more! 

Almond and Carob Cake. This cake is a traditional dessert from Portugal's Algarve region. Carob, a Mediterranean spice, has a coco like flavor and texture. Something different!

Portuguese Salame De Chocolate "Chocolate Salami" - Don't worry this dessert contains no meat! The chocolate "salami" incorporates coco, eggs, butter and Maria biscuits for a light, and easy transportable dessert that everyone loves. 


Port pairings: The wonderful thing about Port is that there are so many styles to choose from there is something for everyone. Here I will focus on Tawny and Ruby Ports for simplicity sake. 

Ruby ports tend to be the sweetest and juiciest. Think red berry flavors and color. I suggest Ruby's for anyone who loves sweet dessert wines. Pair ruby's with sweet desserts such as chocolate. 

Tawny Ports are loved by those who prefer less sweet desserts or desserts with natural acidity, like the plumb crisp. Tawny ports are lighter in color as they have been exposed to more oxygen in their aging process. This gives them a nutty character - and it is no coincidence that Tawny's also pair well with nut desserts. Vintage tawny's (from a specific) tend to be even less sweet as their sweetness dissipates and turns into more nutty flavors with time. 

Both my Quinta De La Rosa Tawny and LBV Ruby are good options depending on what type of Port fits your fancy!

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