Miguel Louro Wines (Alentejo region)

Miguel Louro is known for his fresh whites. His father, also named Miguel Louro, is known for his bold reds. Rather than using his name, Miguel Jr.’s wines are titled Apelido (Last Name) and 1er Nome (1st Name) marking his divergence in style and concept from his father’s winemaking.

Miguel Jr. grew up farming his family’s vineyard outside of the small city of Estremoz in Portugal’s Alentejo region. Miguel’s father’s ethos that Alentejo’s soil and climates were best suited to reds lead him to plant strictly red varietals. Yet, as a young winemaker, Miguel Jr. fell in love with whites. In 2011 he planted his own vineyards, all but a sliver to white varietals.

To preserve natural freshness, Miguel picks early and intervenes minimally resulting in beautiful, food friendly wines that are quickly gaining recognition in the wine world. Following suit, his father planted his first white vineyard in 2013, which Miguel Jr. now oversees. Miguel Jr.’s production is as boutique as it gets.

I am proud to announce I am the first importer to import these wines to the US!




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